Negotiation Tip of the Week – “The Value of Reading Body Language To Gain Influence in Negotiations”

“The amount of account physique accent is like possessing the keys of admission to alleviate someone’s mind, by accepting accessible admission to their hidden thoughts.” -The Master Adjudicator & Physique Accent Expert

You can accretion the amount of admission in negotiations by account physique accent accurately.

Momma told me not to run. Don’t move too quickly! You ability absence something adapted in foreground of you. No, that’s not an oxymoron. Such were the astute words again and now accompanying to the amount of account physique accent to accretion acumen and admission in negotiations.

Take the afterward acumen I acquired from my mother on just that topic.

I anamnesis a time if I was 17; I’d adored my money to buy an advertised car I saw at a dealership. My mother and I went to the dealership alone to acquisition out that the car had just been sold. The agent said ‘not to worry’, as he showed us addition car; it amount hardly added than the aboriginal car that was advertised.

My mother attempted to get a lower amount for the car, but the agent alone budged a little and wouldn’t go any lower afterwards that. He said that was his best price. Afterwards battle in several agreement sessions afterwards that, my mother got up to leave; I was dejected, dispirited, and aghast at not accepting a car, and it showed on my face. The agent looked at my face and said to my mother, “You don’t ambition to abort your son, do you?” To which my mother replied, “You’d be the one black him. He came actuality on acceptable acceptance to buy the car you advertised. Now, you’re cogent us the car was just awash (defiant attending of disbelief). How does that complete to you? Would you ambition anyone to do that to your son or daughter?” The agent replied, with a fallen-face, “You can accept the car at the aforementioned amount as the one advertised.”

Is was at that moment that I empiric the aftereffect that physique accent could accept on a negotiation, forth with how to advance a agreement action based on the physique accent getting discussed. With one-fell-swoop, my mother angry the physique accent action the agent attempted to use on us (i.e. my sadness/disappointment) adjoin him and into one of reflection. She did so by invoking fairness, if she asked the agent if he’d like that abject activity I was announcement advance aloft one of his kids. She went added into his affecting anima if she implied, with added accent via her physique language, the atheism she bedevilled that the advertised car had just been sold. Note that she didn’t accost him by adage so, she let her physique accent allege for her.

From the time two humans agitate easily at the alpha of a negotiation, they’re negotiating. Actually, they started negotiating afore they accomplished the academic agreement via any communications they’ve had. That occurs even if it was in the anatomy of one being acquisition advice about the added and developing strategies based on what was gleaned.

If you ambition to accretion admission in your negotiations, apprentice to apprehend physique accent added accurately. You see and faculty the adapted times to apply agreement strategies, based on the physique accent signals you see. Once you add account physique accent to your agreement rapport, you’ll become a added activating negotiator… and aggregate will be adapted with the world.

Remember, you’re consistently negotiating!